More than 20 years of expertise in data processing

Capitalizing more than 20 years of experience and background in data processing for marketing and opinion surveys, our team is made of developers specialised in statistics.

Thanks to our knowledge and our experience, we can guide you through the entire data process from data recovery to statistical results and cross tables.

Meeting your expectations is our goal! We will always do our best to meet the deadline even when it seems impossible.

Our results are delivered as Excel files. With our deliveries you will always find the information you need easily and you will be able to copy paste any information directly to your reports and charts.

If you need a specific Excel layout for your crossbreaks, feel free to ask us, we can always find a way to produce it!

Crosstab software

For most surveys, you can use our Crosstab software. With this modern tool, you can create any cross tables with any variables from your survey up to 4 dimensions.

As all our products, our Crosstab software is very user-friendly and does not require any particular skill in data process.

You just need to select up to 4 variables in the appropriate fields and then click on the RUN button.

If for some reasons you feel unconfortable with this tool, remember we are just a call or an email away to guide you through.